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Business Models

Imani Braces to offer Business models in the strategy development of your business or company, thus, equipping you in identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products, and details of financing. All this is to plan for the successful operation of a business and/or company.


Your stakeholder mapping will help you tremendously to identify individuals, organisations, and/or groups who share your vision and goals and that could help you meet your objectives and strengthen your business management initiatives. Keep in mind that every intervention large or small can influence change, this is why Imani innovations wants to get you connected with the right audience and partners.

Risk Management Framwork

Risk Management Framwork Imani Innovations will help you to structure a process that identifies potential threats to your organisation and therefore defining the strategy for entirely eliminating or minimising the impact of all risks, as well as the mechanisms to effectively monitor and evaluate this strategy.

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Market Strategies

Product Design

The process of creating a new product for sale to customers is known as product design. We offer a broad concept which encompasses the development of ideas that eventually lead to the creation of new products. Our design experts work on concepts and ideas, eventually turning the ideas into tangible products and inventions for business.

Distribution and Marketing

Distribution is an important element of operations because without a role that tracks and improves the relationship between manufacturers and customers, a company cannot guarantee the best possible service. Coupled with effective marketing management, our company is ready to undertake activities that will promote your products and services. This relationship between the consumer and manufacturer is what Imani Innovations is looking to build for you.

Pricing and Commissions

Before establishing your product on the market, you need to calculate your profit. In order for your product to be profitable, you need to first think about how much you need to cover your costs, and then add any commission you want to make on top of that. There is no magic formula, but we have a team of consultants that have your back in managing your prices and commission altogether